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Fond Fuji Farewell

What a wonderful year being with you Fuji. We loved your creativity: Your deep thinking: Your ingenious problem-solving (thank you Prof Julia Gog!) All your wonderful stories: And of course, that dance..! Thank you from your teachers for all the excellent learning, laughter and joy. Have a very well-deserved rest and brilliant summer holiday.   … Continued

Care Home Visit

We had a wonderful time visiting a local care home. We performed a few songs for the residents: And then shared the poems we’ve been writing about our community and vision for Eddington   Please see below for the SRE parent information session slides this. SRE Parent Presentation Year 5   Message from Mrs Bullen-Smith … Continued

Flying Free

One Fuji pupil shared their home science experiment of raising butterflies from eggs. We started our day by going into the forest to sketch and then release them. We’ve been starting to write some poems for our vision of what our local community should be. We were quite honest about the reality versus our hopes. … Continued

Angles, Forests and Filming

We’ve been learning how to estimate and measure angles as degrees of turn, and we heard about this rule that says the interior angles of a triangle will always add up to 180 degrees…But that got us thinking..  Why is half the turn of a circle / a straight line, also 180 degrees? Have they … Continued

Problems with Palm Oil

Several Fuji pupils decided to lead an assembly on the problems with using and buying products that contain palm oil. Can you tell which don’t? We published our writing showcases this week. It was hard to get Fujis to stop writing: In Maths this week, as well as reviewing the year, we have been learning … Continued

Empathy Day

What a great week. We started by having our very own UCPS community author introduce a certain brilliant book all about empathy called ‘Umbrella’. We asked what would we want to come out of someone else’s umbrella to bring them happiness. We had a great lesson involving lots of talking with Lyn Dawes and we … Continued

Dancing in the Clouds

Sometimes pictures speak more than words… I will ride, I will fly…. Chase the wind and touch the sky…  Art Week, we loved soaring with you…  

Rainforest Adventures

Fuji class have been frantically typing away this week to publish their adventure stories. ‘The plane made a whirring noise and started descending. Suddenly the pilot bashed his head on the steering wheel and became unconscious. The plane’s engine started smoking then set up in flames. The next thing they knew, they were stuck and … Continued

Meeting the Explorer

This week we finally met The Explorer… He (or should we say Katherine Rundell) really helped us understand what might go into our own stories and how to put dialogue and description together. And what amazing pieces of writing Fuji have done this week. The finishing touches are being done ready for publishing – check … Continued

The Energy Challenge

This week, it was hard to get Fuji to go outside to play. Science groups all wanted to stay in and work on their poster competition presentations. The winners get to go to present their posters at a regional competition. We didn’t envy Mrs Bullen-Smith for having to choose a winner! Good luck everyone. In … Continued

Art & Film

In our DIALLS lesson this week, we read a very interesting book called My Museum which made us think about what art is and where we see art in the world. We shared and presented our thinking: In Maths, we’ve been learning about fractions and reviewing what we’ve learned so far in Years 2,3 and … Continued

Fall of the Forest

We started learning about the fall of many rainforests across the world. We’re studying to learn more about the problems with this and in the process coming across some terrifying images and facts about climate change. One Fuji pupil was inspired to write a poem: We all may think life is great Terrible secrets are … Continued

Fashion Originals

To conclude our fashion topic, we share on this week’s a blog a few samples from our organic cotton t-shirt design gallery:     Well done Class Fuji for another wonderful term of learning. Wishing you lots of fun time with your families over the Easter Break. Holiday Challenge Maths: know your multiplication and division … Continued

Energy Challenge

We were delighted to welcome Mr Dodd to Fuji this week who is an outreach mentor at Astra Zeneca and is supporting the children as they learn to measure and calculate the energy value of food using a balance.  The children will go on to enter a regional competition The Energy Challenge   The Energy challenge … Continued

Making a Song and a Dance

This week was a performing week. Most of Year 5 were involved in the show-stopping success of the Mowgli Story: And our other group in Fuji worked hard to prepare a Wizard of Oz performance that they will share in Assembly next week In the mornings we have been having fun singing in smaller groups, … Continued


Every Friday we choose a buddy, someone we haven’t played or learned with for a while. This week, we looked at a wordless text: A giant beached squid needs help from others. How will they rescue such a huge creature who has a tear falling from its eye. We came up with action plans And … Continued

Fuji Bookworms

Any excuse to read and talk about books.. World Book Day was a perfect opportunity for us to hunt for books, talk, read and laugh with our favourite books. On Wednesday, some Fujis represented the school in a hockey tournament whilst the rest of joined the author of How to Train Your Dragon for a … Continued

Fuji BMX Riders

Every week, we spend time reading for pleasure and this week we took a chance to recommend some good books to each other: Monday was a great start to the new half-term with national champion BMX rider giving us a special assembly onDivision learning through failure and then outside teaching us skills and jumps:   … Continued

Fuji Fitness Fanatics

It’s been an active week. A thank you to Little Gym who came to do gymnastics with us. We’ve also received awards from our squash coaches for all our efforts this term.  Two Fuji’s proposed we changed our running track for the daily mile. So they got the trundle wheel out, measured the route as … Continued

Blogs and Beginnings

Keep up to date with our latest blogs on our brand new class webpage: You can read some high quality journalism about the impact of fashion on the environment…   In our learning about the Sikh faith, we talked about the belief of their being a Creator God. We had a philosophical chat that kept … Continued

Skits, Swans and Speedy Typing

There’s a funny sketch we’ve been practising in LAMDA about a dissatisfied customer whose bought a faulty robot. Alas, we try but find it impossible not to laugh at our friends’ wonderful skits! On Wednesday, we had a real treat when a professional Cellist came to play for us to inspire our Writing Showcase long … Continued

Philosophy of Fashion

A new Philosophy Nook has landed in our Learning Street and we’ve been using to try and think together about the ethics of fashion: ….and filming our responses: Ms Natale has been teaching us French through French and all about fashion. Can you finish and translate these sentences? Je porte un sweat (white) ________________________ Je … Continued

Fashion Campaign Preparations

Did you know…? “Six in every ten pieces of clothing produced end up in landfill.” “It takes 2,700 litres of water to make one t-shirt – enough for one person to drink for two and a half years.” “Cotton production accounts for over 10% of pesticide use.” These were some of the shocking facts we … Continued

Murder and Macbeth! Great to be back!

What drama was had this week with learning the story of the famous Scottish play. So many twists and lessons to be learned. The characters, including the witches, captured our imaginations: And we started learning about our new topic and being almost instantly shocked to learn that Fashion might be the second most polluting industry … Continued

Merry Christmas!

Inspired from our book talk, we built some stories of our own – ready to publish. Have a look; they will take you on a fantastical journey through different worlds: Thanks to Ms Natale, we enjoyed cooking through and in French: Maths roman numeral practice sheet from this week here if you’d like to review. Over the … Continued

Christmas Church Visit, Mindful Drawing and Writing Showcase

It was thought impossible. Could they do it? Did they do it? Yes, Year 5 walked all the way into Cambridge from school (with only 3 ‘are we nearly there yet?’s – incredible!) to learn from the University Church Reverend about the meaning of Christmas for Christians. Thank you to all the church staff and … Continued

Book Launching

This week, we enjoyed visiting Girton College for the book launch of The Curious Crime. We learned from Julia about mapping out a world and taking inspiration from places and people when writing a story. And we even managed to get hold of some personally signed copies: In English, we are putting the finishing touches … Continued

Fuji Power Learning

This week, we welcome a special parent historian to our class to teach us about the life of Gandhi. We asked our own questions and thought about some of the teachings he left us with. We have started a new afternoon workshop focussed on Coding using Use your school code and password to keep … Continued

A Baboon on the Moon

Why so sad Baboon? In a philosophy lesson this week, we asked and thought about what home is? Is it somewhere you live or more like a feeling? In English, we have been entranced by the dramatic story of Ramayana. Keep it fresh in your mind by retelling it to someone at home. Next week, … Continued

A week for remembering

In preparation for Remembrance Sunday this weekend, we learned about what life was like for people living in the times of World War 1. Read our poems about the symbolism of the poppies on Flander’s Fields: And in maths, we managed to crack the mysterious Fibonacci sequence. Some of us even, the Tribonacci sequence. Did they … Continued

Power and Invasion

This week Year 5 planned a sneaky trick on their younger friends in the school, pretending that they had all been made ‘prefects’ and were introducing new rules. The younger children were not happy about this development! They explained all the reasons why… So we had to quickly backtrack (!) and tell them that it … Continued

Fantastic First Fuji Half-Term

We welcomed Ms Lauren this week to help us learn about woodcraft skills through cooperation and teamwork. She challenged us in groups to make a marble run (a great something to develop over the half term) We have been writing our own Greek myths this week in English. It’s been hard to get everyone to … Continued

Fuji News and Oliver Twist

Dun-dun-duh-duh-dun-dun… Hot off the press this week – Fuji News… We got fully immersed Oliver Twist this book week: Using our maths reasoning, we were bullied into working out Mr Bumble’s workhouse finances for him using pounds, shillings and farthings. In our learning about Hinduism, we looked at for and against arguments for being a … Continued

Microscopes, Music & Masterpieces

We were delighted to welcome Mr Khaliq to our science lesson this week.  He put our understanding of microscopes into real life context as he works in biotechnology and is currently supporting specialised scientists with imaging cells and tissues cultures specifically in the area of disease research.  I am very grateful for the time he … Continued

Flying toilet rolls, Greek Myths and Peer Mediation

Our peer mediators started their training this week with their wonderful coach Ms Castro. In preparation for writing our own myths, we have been developing our oracy, literacy and drama skills by acting in role and film productions of some of favourites: A new ‘Mad Science Club’ is starting at our school. We knew it … Continued

Mysteries of Ancient Greece

We have a wonderful new LAMDA teacher called Ms Katie. She taught some brilliant voice warm-ups and tricky tongue-twisters. Can you perform them to someone at home? After that, all kinds of challenges seemed to pop up. Like this Ancient Greek warrior that came to ask what we know about his land and time: He … Continued

Mount Fuji Basecamp

A very warm welcome to all Fuji families to Year 5! This week we have been reflecting on how we learn, how we will learn, how we want to learn… We gave an assembly to Key Stage 2 on how we want to look after the learning street: And then had lots of fun learning … Continued