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You’ve survived Week 1!

Well done for all of your hard work this week at home. We have been so impressed with your resilience and perseverance.

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Upper KS2 Daily Maths:

Upper KS2 Super Challenge in Maths:

Make an account (tell them you’re in Year …

Online Learning January 2021

The Fox and The Star Booklet

Happy Christmas!

Written by our Fuji class reporter this week:

This week has been jam-packed with end of term activities. This week, Fuji got to do some pretty cool things:

– All of us finished our writing showcases about an image of …

Reading Rocks

We have enjoyed a week of festive art, creative writing, poetry appreciation, and investigative science.

Art in a flash by an Olympus reporter

On Tuesday, we did some fabulous flash art!  We each chose one word linked with Christmas and …

A fanciful notion

From our Year 5 reporters this week:

This Monday, Year 5 had a visitor from the Lancaster University planetarium. We were taken on a tour of the night sky, from our interstellar partner, the moon, to Ursa Minor, the little …

Is spending money on Space Exploration a waste?

A huge question to grapple with, but the children are developing arguments about the benefits and drawbacks of space exploration which they will produce as a written response during next week.

In maths we have been adding 5 digit numbers …

Ever-expanding brains (and Universe)

From our Year 5 reporters and paparazzi this week:

Ever-expanding universe?

In Topic, we have been learning about the expansion of the Universe and its origins. We began by talking about Edwin Hubble and Henrietta Leavit. The two discovered that …

Blast Off

From our Year 5 reporters this week:

Astronomer Visitor

On Tuesday, we had a visit from Dr Aybuke Yoldas of the Institute of Astronomy at University of Cambridge, who had prepared a powerpoint based on the death of stars, gamma …

Midwife Maths • We Will Remember Them

From our Year 5 reporters:

This week, we learnt about the properties of regular and irregular polygons in Maths, and found out about the Friendship Run, a Daily Mile challenge. On Tuesday, KS2 met Ms de Backer, a midwife. This

Before and After

From our own Year 5 correspondent:

In Year 5 this week we have been linking guided reading, or GR for short, with English.  We’ve been putting ourselves in Lieutenant Shepard’s shoes; Lieutenant Shepard in the main character in the guided

We Are Scientists

We have had an eventful, action packed week this week, being writers and scientists on top of all of our other skills!

We were completely delighted to remotely welcome Dr Gillis (and his wonderful Year 5 research assistant) this week, …

Measuring, Rounding, Estimating, Budgeting, Negotiating

The children are taking hand hygiene seriously.  Please continue to reinforce this at home as we have had better attendance this week and want to maintain this.

Thank you for providing family photos, our family walls are looking wonderful and …

And we’re in!

This week, we have continued to develop our knowledge of place value in Maths, dived deeper into our The Silver Donkey story and continued to make sense of our circulatory systems and WW1 weaponry, as well as everything in between!…

Going over the top

We have begun to settle into a purposeful learning routine as we complete week 2 of the term.  It is lovely to see the children enjoy being back in class with such enthusiasm.  We enjoyed a topic launch running through …

Welcome to Year 5!

It has been wonderful to welcome the children back this week and see so much enthusiasm for learning.  We have revisited the Golden Agreements and practiced our talk agreements and working collaboratively.  We have played lots of sport and enjoyed …